Providing parents with the tools needed to assist with your parenting journey.

The journey of Parenting from pregnancy, birth, childhood to adolescence, and independence isn’t always a straightforward one. EnliteEducation provides Parenting Courses to assist parents and caregivers throughout the stages of their child’s development.

Parent Coaching Sessions

Enliteeducation provides parenting consultations to help with any challenge you are facing as a parent. Is your toddler refusing to eat? Does your child have issues at school? Is your teen having anxiety in social situations? Is nursing your infant just not working out?

We want to help you in your unique parenting journey. EnliteEducation provides coaching and consultation and tailors advice to suit your needs and those of your family.

Face to Face Coaching

I observe you and your child in a play setting at a school, in a park or play area 

Guidance is given to assist you in any areas, for example, behaviour management, terrible two’s and tantrums, separation and anxiety, colic, homework blues, 

Online Coaching

I provide online coaching and consultation to help parents who need support and assistance.

The number of sessions vary according to each individual case from 1 to 5 sessions of 1- 1.5 hours

Parenting Blog

Our Parenting blog addresses important issues and situations to guide parents in their interactions with their children, and advise on parenting techniques.