At Enlite Education we provide advice and information on your parenting needs. I have a Parenting Blog and provide One to One Coaching sessions to parents. I cater for families with children of all ages. Parenting is a journey, allow us to accompany you in Parenting for Success.

About our Director

Farhana Manzoor is an experienced qualified lecturer. She has a Master’s in Education, specialising in Curriculum Studies, from the UCL Institute of Education. She has taught for over 25 years with private institutions and government schools and colleges in the UK and abroad. She has assisted in developing learning material and whole school curriculum for British and American schools and private institutions abroad.

She is a proud mother of her two sons.

Services we offer

Parent Coaching Sessions

EnliteEducation provides parenting consultations to help with any challenge you are facing as a parent. Is your toddler refusing to eat? Does your child have issues at school? Is your teen having anxiety in social situations? Is nursing your infant just not working out? EnliteEducation is here to give you one to one coaching sessions assisting you in practical, easy steps, to overcome challenges you may be facing.

Curriculum Development

Where new schools and educational institutions are being inaugurated, or existing schools are re-evaluating their teaching, EnliteEducation provides support and guidance for course development in collaboration with Course Leaders and staff across departments.

Which parenting styles are the most effective?

What role does emotional intelligence play in bringing up your child and how should you coach him?

Does your daughter ask to go out with her friends and should you give her that independence?

Is parenting a challenge and are you looking for a resource to guide you?

My Guide on Parenting for Millennials highlights some considerations mothers, fathers, guardians and carers may have, and provides some insights into important aspects of parenting children.

Download Parenting for Millennials for $12.99 for a limited time only.

Parenting for Millenials by Farhanna Manzoor

Parenting Blog

Our Parenting blog addresses important issues and situations to guide parents in their interactions with their children, and advise on parenting techniques.

4 Powerful ways Teaching your Child Sharing is Caring

4 Powerful ways Teaching your Child Sharing is Caring

Very young toddlers sometimes find it very difficult to share. Their vision of the world still focuses just around them. They find it hard to give up a favourite toy, or one they’ve just picked up a few moments ago. Toddlers and preschoolers As very young children do...

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Helping your teen deal with peer pressure

Helping your teen deal with peer pressure

The teenage years are a time of many changes for your teenage children. There are a myriad of physical and emotional changes, as well as the changing social groups your teenage child interacts with. Often at this age, teenagers are invited to movies, parties, and may...

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